FARAM was founded more than 30 years ago by the Italian entrepreneur Armidoro Sulpizio. Our company specializes in the realization of luxury projects – planning and design, exclusive interior design, architecture and project management, and we gear our processes towards our customers’ individual needs and wishes!

By ceaselessly striving towards excellence in the execution of our every project, we at FARAM have earned a growing pool of customers from residential and commercial establishments, banks and hotels. The FARAM team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals in various fields, who provide uncompromising quality service and project implementation.

We attribute our success to the relationships that we build with the customers!

Interior Design

Space planning and delineation are crucial to the interior design process. Proper distribution and positioning of each piece of furniture can give your home or workspace a completely new, fresh, and unique look and feel.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of interior design and architecture. We earn our customers trust, respect, and loyalty thanks our ability to translate their vision into reality.

One’s home is the place where one feels best. This is why we offer our clients outstanding design service that perfectly aligns with their vision, expectations, and needs – from meeting our customers in person to developing a lustrous and stylish interior.


Ergonomics and functionality are essential qualities to look for in the choice of home furniture. Accordingly, the Italian companies we partner with combine both practicality and aesthetics for their furnishings. Our clients have their individual preferences as to what they would want to be present in their homes regarding furniture and accessories.

Our professional designers, with their fine sense of harmony and beauty, manage to achieve the set goals and always choose the furniture that would perfectly fit into an impressive, sophisticated, and luxurious interior.


We build and engender trust with our corporate and business customers, who have set high goals for themselves. This is due to the high-end furniture we use when designing interiors for working spaces.

An impressive outward appearance and style help the workflow in the best of ways. Elegance, luxury, and harmony are woven together and can be seen in all our design solution.


Our product range is extremely varied – we offer both armored and interior doors made by prominent Italian masters and designers, whose work has proven its quality and durability over the years.

Choose your desired door to best suit your tastes and we will ensure a fast delivery and installation.

Our Partners

Over the years, we’ve chosen to work with only the best and most established Italian brands in the field of architecture and design. They all rely on the quality and uniqueness of their products. Our wide range of items allows us to meet our customers’ needs – regardless of what those may be – and to offer only the highest quality products and services, all in one place.